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A digital event to light up your data direction

On September 15 & 16, we're bringing BEACON back. Bigger and bolder, this time around we're ready to bring you even more of the knowledge you need to become data-driven - direct from data professionals across various companies and disciplines.

BEACON is a one-of-a-kind data experience, designed to introduce you to the tools and proven methods that will help you to find true power in your data. Over the course of our two-day digital event, you'll pick up actionable insights from leading industry experts.

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Tuesday, 9/15

9:30 AM Beyond BI: Transcend Traditional BI with Data Experiences It's no surprise that data modernization is the number one investment priority for companies undergoing a digital transformation journey. After all, data is instrumental to the success of modern organizations. But data modernization encompasses more than upgrading infrastructure and applications. It also includes modernizing the way we think about business intelligence (BI). This session will look at how innovative companies are expanding our understanding of BI by delivering data experiences that go beyond reports and dashboards and unlock the full value of data.

Pedro Arellano, Head of Product Marketing, Looker/Google Cloud

10:00 AM Partner Sessions
10:30 AM Why Multi-Cloud Matters: Make The Most of Your Data, Regardless Where It Is Customers adopt multi-cloud strategies in order to minimize lock-in, take advantage of best-in-breed solutions and increase flexibility through choice. In order to increase agility & continue to drive business performance, leaders need to consider the best use-cases to focus on and avoid the 'traps' of poorly architected 'cloudy' solutions. In this session, we'll walk through the key considerations data leaders need to work through to make the most of their data in a multi-cloud world. This session will be participative, include customer examples and a checklist you'll be able to use to take action today.

Google Cloud

11:00 AM Break
11:05 AM Partner Session
11:30 AM Lightning Talks: How Marketing, Customer Success and more are Empowered by Analytics

Connor Sparkman, Marketing Analytics Manager, Looker/Google Cloud

Avery Robins, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Looker/Google Cloud

Aaron Trenouth, Customer Intelligence Manager, Looker/Google Cloud

12:00 PM Closing Keynote

Sarah Ulcoq, VP Clinical Solutions & Research, Force Therapeutics

Wednesday, 9/16

9:30 AM Fireside Chat

Amy Anthony, Director of Data Engineering, Alteera Mountain

Daniel Mintz, Chief Data Evangelist, Looker/Google Cloud

10:00 AM How OkCupid and Elevate Labs Transform Data Insights Into Personalized Customer Experiences Join this session, hosted by Will Crocker, VP of Customer & Partner Marketing at Braze, to learn how OkCupid and Elevate Labs leverage Looker and Braze in order to evaluate, analyze, and iterate on their engagement strategy across a variety of success factors. With the power of Braze + Looker, OkCupid is able to ask the tough questions of their user data, relying on deeper conversion analysis to craft campaigns that drive increased engagement and uplifts across core conversion KPIs. Elevate Labs leverages Braze to enable email, push notifications, and in-app messages cohesively across their suite of cognitive health apps. By better understanding their engagement data in Looker, Elevate Labs is able to drive retention, decrease churn, and widen their monetization funnel via uplifts in new users.

Dani Moragne, Product Marketing Manager, Elevate Labs

Kris Kelkar, Data Analyst, OkCupid

Will Crocker, VP of Customer & Partner Marketing, Braze

10:30 AM Using Next Generation Data Applications to Power Immersive Experiences

Skander Larbi, Looker/Google Cloud

Anthony Riberi, Founder & CEO, Y3ti

11:00 AM Break
11:05 AM Partner Session
11:35 AM Data Analysis for Everyone It's an exciting moment in data analytics: What used to be the work of expensive, specialty engineers and PhDs is now expanding to frontline IT teams, marketing specialists, and call center workers. Learn how bringing new capabilities to familiar tools for better decision-making and faster skills training can help level up your data game.

Jen Bennett, Technical Director, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud

12:00 PM Closing Keynote: ‘21 and Other Numbers That Changed My Life’ Drawing from his unique personal experiences, from the blackjack table to consulting professional sports teams, Ma talks about innovative metrics in a way that will make you reevaluate how your group accesses talent, finds undervalued assets, and measure the true worth of your business. By eschewing emotion and honing in on hard facts and results, Ma has helped usher in what Newsweek calls "a new age of numbers in corporate America."

Jeffrey Ma, Author of ‘The House Advantage’


Sarah Ulcoq

VP Clinical Solutions & Research

Force Therapeutics

Jeffrey Ma

Author of ‘The House Advantage’

Amy Anthony

Director of Data Engineering

Alteera Mountain

Daniel Mintz

Chief Data Evangelist

Looker/Google Cloud

Jen Bennett

Technical Director

Office of the CTO

Pedro Arellano

Head of Product Marketing

Looker/Google Cloud

Alicia Minella

Manager Data & Analytics

eMoney Advisor

Skander Larbi

Data Analyst

Looker/Google Cloud

Avery Robins

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Looker/Google Cloud

Kris Kelkar

Data Analyst


Christian Romming



Will Crocker

VP of Customer and Partner Marketing


Connor Sparkman

Marketing Analytics Manager

Looker/Google Cloud

Aaron Trenouth

Customer Intelligence Manager

Looker/Google Cloud