Why JOIN@Home?

For 2020, we're turning a challenging time into an opportunity to explore a new direction. We're building a complete digital experience to bring JOIN directly to you. Now you only have to log on from anywhere you are to dive into more of the rich content, training workshops, and informative sessions that make JOIN the data fans' favorite conference.

Day 1: Welcome

Introductory keynote

Looker EPT Leader, Ronaldo Ama kicks things off with news about what's new and upcoming with Looker. Surprise guests will also drop in with updates you won't want to miss.

On-demand self-guided workshops

Four distinct role-based learning journeys with sessions designed to inspire, inform, and help you find solutions.

Breakout sessions

On-demand Looker-led sessions allow you to watch and learn at your own pace. Create a custom watchlist of specific subjects, or watch them all.

Day 2: Interactive learning

Meet the experts

Schedule a 1:1 session with a Looker expert and start solving any data issues you may have.

Data circles of success

Exchange best-practices and proven solutions as peers share inspiring success stories.


Hit us with any and all questions. JOIN is all about finding answers.

Days 3 & 4: Live workshops

Guided workshops

Live, interactive, and expert-hosted sessions dive deep into topics ranging from leadership strategies to full Looker demos.

JOIN hackathon

Bring your best developer skills and be ready to build products, models, and dashboards on the Looker platform for a chance to win.

Full agenda



Everyone is welcome to take part in all that JOIN has to offer.

Free admission includes:

  • Live Keynotes
  • On-demand Sessions
  • Interactive Learning Sessions
  • JOIN Hackathon

Instructor-led Workshops

Engage in live hosted workshops for a more dynamic experience.

$150.00* includes full access to JOIN + these live workshops:

  • Administrators
  • Data Consumers
  • LookML Developers Level 1
  • LookML Developers Level 2

*Scholarships available to help with session costs. Apply now for your chance to attend JOIN workshops for free. Deadline: August 28th.


Agenda Tracks

Delivering Data & Answers to People

Data is most powerful when it's accessible, understandable, and actionable. BI tools provide access to data but they don't always help you know how to use it. Join us and explore some of the latest Looker features designed to help close the loop from insight to action. We'll also hear from customers who are successfully using data to deliver answers across their organizations.

Data Leadership Strategies for Industries

Data is increasingly valued as a key driver of creating business and organizational successes. How can you use data effectively to drive business value? Learn from data leaders and experts across industries about the trends they're seeing and the strategies they're following to successfully lead their organizations with data.

Looker Administration and Management

Key to successful analytics is understanding users, systems, and delivering insights. This track will discuss capabilities and best practices to help you manage users and the content they consume, manage your data stack, and understand how your organization uses Looker. Plus, tracking adoption, building multi-cloud systems, performance optimization, and cloud resource consumption will also be addressed.

Efficient Model Development

Your organization's data infrastructure and LookML model are the foundation of any Looker deployment. Learn to leverage product features which were purposefully built to strengthen your data and analytics foundation. Discover how to optimize query performance and cost, better maintain, collaborate and extend your core data model to new parts of your business.

Data Application Platform

Calling all developers and product leaders: Join our most innovative customers as they share their cost-efficient strategies for accelerating data application development and driving revenue. Looker experts will share best practices for the full spectrum of Looker developer tools, from no-code/low-code to full-code - including iframe embed, APIs, SDKs, components, marketplace and the extension framework.

I especially loved the JOIN sessions. I got a number of actionable ideas that I can apply directly to my business.

- JOIN 2019 Attendee

Featured Speakers

Jamie Davidson

Director, Product Management, Looker
Google Cloud

Arielle Strong

Product Manager, Looker
Google Cloud

Ronaldo Ama

Looker EPD Leader
Google Cloud

Jennifer Redmon

Chief Data Evangelist

Ronny Elkayam

SVP, Mobile, App Market & Strategic Products

Kshitij Kumar - Chief Data Officer - Farfetch

Chief Data Officer

All speakers


Will there be any in-person events for JOIN@Home 2020?

Unfortunately, no. All content and programming will take place online, we will not host any in-person group activities in connection with the event.

How will I benefit from JOIN@Home 2020?

You'll be able to digest Looker led and customer stores on demand, at your leisure, while discovering new Looker content. You can then take that knowledge and engage in our interactive group discussions, ask specific questions to an expert and participate in a live demo.

If you decide to participate in the live instructor led workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a classroom style setting with the option to ask questions along the way.

Who should attend JOIN@Home 2020?

All current Looker customers and late-stage prospects.

What is the scholarship program?

Good question.

Which sessions require registration and when will it open?

All sessions on Wednesday, October 14 will require registration and will open in the beginning - mid September.

Workshops also require registration and you must select the Instructor-led Workshop ticket to gain access to them. By selecting this ticket, you'll have access to all JOIN events and sessions.

What is the difference between the self-guided workshops and the instructor led workshops?

The paid experience includes live virtual facilitators that will discuss a specific topic and can answer questions, provide live support for the subsequent lab exercises in Qwiklabs, and additionally includes the option of attending a formal debriefing/AMA/networking event for students to offer feedback, get their questions answered and network.

The free experience includes a pre-recorded version of the lecture content and access to the Qwiklabs lab exercise environment, where people can do everything at their own pace.

JOIN 2019 highlights